Robert C. Lindsey Elementary PTO
Fundraising Laps 4 Lindsey Walk-a-thon


On Friday, October 6, 2017, Lindsey PTO will hold Laps 4 Lindsey – a walk-a-thon and fundraiser to benefit Robert C. Lindsey Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Our goal is to raise $14,000+ needed to support the programs and events we hold this year for the students. Lindsey PTO will realize 100% of the monies collected. In addition to the monetary benefit to our organization, the students will gain an awesome health benefit training for and participating in the Laps 4 Lindsey walk-a-thon.

How it Works:


RAISE MONEY — Students ask family and friends for donations to support their individual walk effort and their school. We are asking for a flat donation (e.g. not dollars per laps). All money is collected up front and recorded on the student donation envelope. If each student collects a minimum of $35, we will reach our goal. All students will participate in the walk even if they do not collect donations.


R.C. Lindsey Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a non-profit organization (501c3), therefore all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please hand out the attached tax deductible cards to your donors.


GET READY — Prior to the walk, our gym teachers, Mrs. Nicolosi and Mr. Perusek, are teaching a walk/run unit in gym class to prepare the students for Laps 4 Lindsey. They will discuss stretching techniques, pacing strategies and talk about proper walking attire.


WALK — On walk day, the students will participate in Laps 4 Lindsey by grade. Each grade will walk for an appropriate amount of time on a course set-up behind Lindsey school. There will be music playing and lots of volunteers to cheer the students on. We will have a friendly grade level competition and build school spirit. After the students finish their walk, they will be provided a bottle of water and an apple.


Following is the walk schedule:


K and 1st – 9:00 AM


2nd and 3rd – 9:45 AM


4th and 5th – 10:30 AM



Grand prize — Awarded to the student who raises the most money


Runner Up Prizes — Awarded to the student who raises the most money in each grade level.


Every student who raises $100 or more will have their name put into a basket and will have a chance to win a prize.


Every student who raises $50 or more will have their name put into a basket and will have a chance to win a prize.


EVERY STUDENT will receive a Laps 4 Lindsey t-shirt to wear on the day of the walk! (even if they do not collect donations)


Business Sponsorship

This year, Lindsey PTO hopes to, once again, provide each of our students and faculty with a Laps 4 Lindsey t-shirt to wear the day of the walk and a post walk snack. The 400 t-shirts will cost approximately $3200. We are seeking donations to help defray the cost of the shirts. Our goal is to find five (5) $500 gold sponsors or thirteen (13) $250 silver sponsors (or any combination thereof).

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Please support Lindsey PTO and your child in this fun, fitness and fundraising event.
Parents are welcome to join their students at this event to cheer them on!

Please feel free to email us with any comments, ideas, concerns, or questions.


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